Whilst working on 'surveillance works' (see page), my web searches brought me into contact with other images under the generic term of 'surveillance', that were not necessarily linked to that project other than by word.

I discovered much fascinating imagery, predominantly from the World War 2 archives of aerial photography. This took me off on another path. I wanted to explore the aesthetic possibilities of using these already beautiful old photos in my own work. The result was a group of drawings and oil paintings, but then a sideways move into fumage and charcoal drawings of fighter planes and returning bombers.

'Frame 3042'  (oil) 

'Frame 4227'  (oil) 

'Bomber Diptych -scratched' (mixed med.) 

'Bomber Blocks'  (varnished fumage drawings) 

'Fighter Blocks'  (varnished fumage drawings) 

'Frame 4120 - Friesland'  (charcoal & ink drawing) 

'Frame 4136 - Friesland'   (charcoal & ink drawing) 

'Dogfight'   (fumage & charcoal drawin

'Bomber Diptych #2'    (mixed media)


'Barnes & Ditches #1'  (ink & charcoal) 

'Barns & Ditch #2'          (ink & charcoal drawing)