D A V I D   D A V I E S  


                                                   b.  1951 Brighton, Sussex, UK.

                                                   Presently living and working in Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK.


                                                   'Nocturnal Cartographer'




                                               EXHIBITIONS and EVENTS

                                       2017THE SWAY GALLERY

                                                   Old St. London, EC1V 9AN

                                                    GLORIOUS IMPERFECTION

                                                     - the kintsugi drawings

                                                      (06.07 - 28.07.2017)

                                       2016.  The Fitzrovia Gallery, London

                                                   May  2016

                                                  NCAS 16, The Forum, Norwich.

                                                   first week of September 2016

                                                  Autumn Salon, BWA,

                                                     Ostrowiec, POLAND. October 2016.  

                                       2015. Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich.

                                                 'The Immediacy of Paint'

                                                        18th Sept. -  21st. October 2015


                                       2014      'SKETCH', Rabley Drawing Centre, Wiltshire then touring.

                                                               N.C.A.S. 2014 The Forum, Norwich  (March)

                                                               MANDELL'S GALLERY,  Elm Hill, Norwich  (September)

                                                               'PLACE AND LANDSCAPE',  (East Contemporary Art Collection)

                                                                                       Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich   ( October.)

                                                               '!2th. AUTUMN SALON '  BWA,Ostrowiec, Poland. (October)

                                                                MENIER GALLERY  (FPS),  Southwark St. London  (December)

                                       2013        ANONYME - ZEICHNER,  BERLIN

                                                                 touring to   T.A.C.  EINDHOVEN,  NETHERLANDS

                                                                 WORKS ON PAPER, ESPACIO GALLERY, BETHNAL GREEN, LONDON.

                                                            CULTIVATE, VYNER ST. LONDON E2.

                                                            CLEY 13,  NORFOLK, UK.

                                                            Provided 4 drawings ('Perimeters') in response to a request from the

                                                            new public art collection  E.C.A.C.  (East Contemporary Art Collection)

                                                            to be housed at the University of Suffolk, Ipswich, UK

                                                            'SKETCH 2013'  touring    Rabley Drawing Centre 

                                                                                                Black Swan Arts Centre, Frome

                                                                                                Plymouth College of Art

                                                             'WITHOUT BOUNDARIES'   Menier Gallery, Southwark, London.

                                                                                                   2nd. Dec.  -  7th. Dec. 2013


                                       2012    '200 voices'  (artists web event for the year of the Olympics)

                                                            N.C.A.S.  2012 Exhibition, The Forum, Norwich

                                                             OUTSIDE THE WHITE CUBE',  Bermondsey Project Space, London.

                                                             Autumn International Salon Biennial , Ostrowlaniec Szw. Pod

                                                             'Then & Now', The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, Pall mall, London.


                                       2011   ELEMENTS 2.  - 'MATERIAL WORLDS', THE FORUM, NORWICH, UK.

                                                           B.G.JAMES & DAVID DAVIES 'RECENT WORK', SALTHOUSE, NORFOLK, UK.

                                                            'CONFLICT & RESOLUTION',  LA GALLERIA, PALL MALL, LONDON.


                                       2010   'ELEMENTS' - MAN IN THE ENVIRONMENT, THE FORUM, NORWICH, UK.

                                                           NORFOLK CONTEMPORARY ART SOCIETY 2010 EXHIBITION

                                                                 THE FORUM, NORWICH, UK.

                                                            'prime ART',  THE OLD SCHOOL, SEA PALLING, NORFOLK. UK.

                                                               JERWOOD DRAWING PRIZE  2010,  JERWOOD SPACE, LONDON.

                                                             AUTUMN INTERNATIONAL ART SALON (HOMO QUADRATUS OSTROVIENSIS)

                                                                                   OSTROWIEC  SWIETOKRZYSKI,  POLAND.  

                                                                                5TH. INTERNATIONAL  PRINTMAKING BIENIAL, CAMARA MUNICIPALDE ALIJO,

                                                                  DOURO, PORTUGAL.   

                                                                               'LATITUDE'  MANCHESTER MODERNIST SOCIETY ,  MANCHESTER.  


                                                2009   LEOPOLDO CARPINTEYRO GALLERY, MONTERREY, MEXICO

                                                          GUANLAN PRINT ARCHIVE, CHINA

                                                          BLUTENWEISS, BERLIN, GERMANY

                                                          TROIKA 6 & 7, DRAGON HALL, NORWICH, UK

                                      2008   HORACE BLUE GALLERY, NORWICH, UK.

                                                         BLUTENWEISS, KUNSTRAUM BETHANIEN, BERLIN, GERMANY.

                                                         MADDERMARKET THEATRE, NORWICH, UK.

                                                         LESSEDRA GALLERY, SOFIA, BULGARIA.

                                                         RENCONTRES DES ARTS, MERS SUR INDRE, FRANCE.

                                                         TROIKA 5, NORFOLK, UK.

                                                         DEDALO CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART, ABRUZZO, ITALY.


                                     2003 - 2007   TROIKA 1 TO 4  NORFOLK, UK.


                                                2002   'IMAGE D'UNE AUTRE COTE'  (SOLO PHOTO EXH.), CREMIEU, LYON, FRANCE.


                                                2000   'LOST & FOUND' - SOLO EXH. ALCHEMY GALLERY, LONDON, UK.

                                                          GALLERY 286, LONDON, UK.

                                                          PLATEAUX GALLERY, LONDON, UK.


                                         1991 - 99   KING OF HEARTS GALLERY, NORWICH, UK.

                                                          MADDERMARKET THEATRE, NORWICH, UK.

                                                          HUNTING ART PRIZES, MALL GALLERIES, LONDON, UK.

                                                          ESPACE PIERRE CARDIN, PARIS, FRANCE.


                                         1980 - 90    JACOB JAVITTS CENTER, NEW YORK, USA. (several exhibitions)

                                                           UK / LA FESTIVAL ('88), DESIGN CENTER, LOS ANGELES, USA.

                                                           MANESPACE GALLERY, NEW YORK, USA. (regular exhibitions)

                                                           GENSLER INSTITUTE, SAN FRANCISCO, USA.