'Diver 4'    


As an extension to my 'fumage' drawings, I have discovered that they can have a whole other life when scanned into a computer and inverted to negative in Photoshop.

The ethereal nature of the drawings become exaggerated in negative creating ghostly plasma-like imagery. In this situation, the original drawing becomes a tool or just a means to an end, leaving the print as the primary artwork.

An advantage of this process is that with high resolution scanning, the prints can be any size and still retain the accidental qualities of the drawings which only seem to happen when working on a small scale. For me, larger scale fumage drawings seem to lose something, as the hand of the artist becomes more evident, and it's the accidental spontaneity that I love in those works.

I am turning some of these inverted images into signed limited edition, and archive quality Giclee prints. 

Here are a few examples: 

'High Jumper 2'     (giclee print from an inversion of a fumage drawing)


'Gymnast 6'       (giclee print from inversion of fumage drawing) 

'Arrest' -       (giclee print from inversion of fumage drawing )

'Gymnast 9'       (giclee print of inversion of fumage drawing).


'Hurdler 6'   (giclee print of inversion of fumage drawing) 

'Fallout'    (giclee print of inversion of fumage drawing) 

Riot #1 

Riot # 3 

'murmuration #1 inversion

'murmuration #2 inversion 

'murmuration #3 inversion' 

'murmuration #4 inversion'