Last summer, I went to the British Museum in London to see the Italian Renaissance Drawings  exhibition, an opportunity that doesn't come up many times in a lifetime. Even though it was in its last days in London, the viewing public was six deep before every drawing.

Finally beaten by the crowds, I took a break and wandered around the other collections, particularly the anthropological rooms. Not living in London, I hadn't had the opportunity to visit the place since I was a child.

I was struck by the thought that goes into presentation of the artefacts on display these days. I recalled the vitrines being spot-lit (if lit at all) and grubby pieces of card with Courier font with information intelligible only to the academics involved in that area of study.

Here, I was looking at a very different audience friendly concept. The objects were interestingly lit, often from behind and above in subdued lighting, so that from a distance they appeared as silouhettes with flashes of reflected light across pristine glass surfaces. Drawn further in by these attractive images, it became possible to see more detail and then read descriptions of the objects.

My interest in the objects was there, but was no more intense than that of other visitors. My main interest was in the seduction of their display, and I started taking photos that allowed reflections from spotlights, vitrine edges, and their fittings to come into the frame. Later, I expanded this series of photos with visits to the Sainsbury's collection in Norwich, and Norwich Castle.

I used the set of photos as basic information for a series of small ink, pencil and charcoal drawings. Some examples are shown on this page.


                                                      'mus. #1'            2010         (ink & charcoal on paper)


                                                       'mus. #2'      2010            ( ink & charcoal on paper)


                                                 'mus. #3'          2010     ( ink & charoal on paper) 


                                                     'mus. #4'          2010            ( ink & charcoal on paper) 


                                                       'mus. #5'           2010        ( ink & charcoal on paper) 


                                                           'mus. #6'      2010   ( ink & charcoal on paper) 


                                                             'mus. #7'     2010 ( ink & charcoal on paper) 


                                                          'mus. #8'          2010     (ink & charcoal on paper) 


                                                             'mus. #9'      2010 ( ink & charcoal on paper) 


    mus. # 10        ( ink & charcoal on paper)


mus. #11               ( ink & charcoal on paper )