The drawings, paintings and mono prints on this page are based on photographs taken by spies for the old eastern bloc secret police in countries such as East Germany and Czechoslovakia. Others are based on images from CCTV surveillance cameras from around the world.

The subjects of these photos were completely unaware of being watched, and mostly (in the case of the secret police photos) innocent of any crime. The few that were guilty were not guilty of anything that we would recognise as 'crime'. The narrative in these images is very fragmentary- people often going about their every day business, shopping, in and out of buildings, parking cars, etc.- mundane things. Unaware people in unposed situations.

These photos are usually quickly taken, often from odd angles, moving cars, etc. with no aesthetic consideration attached. In other words, what might be considered bad photography- often under or over exposed and blurred. I have tried to retain that look in these works, mostly keeping them the same size with the look of small snapshot photos, and resisting the temptation to do too much 'creative cropping' for fear of losing that essential look. I try to leave behind the usual compositional basics of photography as art.

It fascinates me to think that many of these people are still walking around out there, unaware that they were ever subjects for surveillance, and perhaps just as surprised to find themselves subjects for contemporary art.




Czech surveillance image #4   (ink, charcoal & pencil drawing) 


 Czech surveillance image # 11    (ink, pencil & charcoal drawing)



 Czech surveillance image #8   (ink, pencil & charcoal drawing)


Czech surveillance image # 9   (mono print) 


Czech surveillance image # 14.  (mono print)


Czech surveillance image # 9b.   ( ink, pencil & charcoal drawing) 


 Stasi surveillance image #5        ( mono print and charcoal drawing)


Czech surveillance image #6  (mono print / charcoal drawing) 


US  cctv image #1   ( mono print & charcoal drawing) 


Camera 070545 (London)  watercolour


Man in doorway holding object, Leipzig.  (Stasi image #4)  oil painting  


Man leaving building, Leipzig. (Stasi image #2) oil painting 


Pedestrians, Leipzig. (Stasi image #1)  oil painting 


Man wearing beret (Stasi image #5)  oil painting 


Nuns- from Czech security image #4. (oil sketch)


Czech surveillance image #14. Nuns Waiting.      (oil painting)